Our Story.


 It all started like this: Over the years Robert and Steve worked with some of the best builders in the industry and were fortunate to be part of great teams, resulting in multiple awards and gaining invaluable experience. After 45 some years of combined experience in the building industry, Robert and Steve met and were discussing their stories. They consistently discovered that a large number of homeowners were wanting a different approach to building their own homes. This is when they had a ligh-bulb moment, knowing that trust, transparency and value were of high importance, they realized they could create a system that would empower consumers to build their own homes with confidence and ease, all the while having a positive impact on the industry as a whole. Hence, 2Consult was created and the adventure began.

Meet the Team.

Steve Lockhart



Robert Lee


William Marshall, Engineer


Our Mission.


We at 2Consult are committed to empowering and educating our customers to have confidence to build their sustainable home for the future.